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Mentor Recognition Certificate

Interview with SATSA and our Managing Director-Cindy Buser during the Covid 19 pandemic

Having had a fulfilling holiday and being assured that you have socially and environmentally contributed in a small but responsible manner -wouldn’t that make your travels a little more worthwhile?
We want to make a difference and do our best in making the world a better place for each and everyone. A small contribution (even as little as R 10) will help us make that difference. Every year or sooner, mirchee will donate the contributions to a charity, or charities, of our choice and all details of these initiatives will be posted on our website.
We at mirchee also strive to make a difference in the quality of our living environment. We are concerned about the carbon footprints we leave behind and how we can make a difference to preserve our environment both for us and for generations to come. We do our best to ensure that our suppliers and hotels we deal with have a greening policy in place. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle is our policy.

We operate our business ethically and do our best to use local labour and local suppliers which in turn further benefits the South African economy.

Otherwise, should any issues arise relating to your mirchee-booked tour, please advise both mirchee and your local tour operator immediately, as we do and always will endeavor to resolve these issues within 24 hours or the soonest reasonably possible.
Also any comment/suggestion, and so forth is always welcome/encouraged & appreciated, for how good are we/mirchee really, if we are oblivious to any matter/issue  brought to light, willingly & purposefully. Yes, we care!

On 07 December 2017 we visited Elundini Children’s home for children with special needs and founder Indy Kwana to host a magic show and provide happy meals with toys, and of course Santa.This was a small programme hosted by Cindy and mirchee to feed 130 children at Elundini Childrens home and surrounding informal crèches within the Dunoon Township with the help of Indy.

Besides the great work Indy is doing for the community and children within, we visited many other women in the community which have informal crèches running from their own home, with no outside support or voice.

Cape Town DMC Gives Back to Community

CSI Programme: March 2017

I (Cindy Pereira Buser)was travelling to India with my children, and our flight on Ethiopian Airlines was delayed for 17 hours. So, we decided to explore the capital city of Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia.

We visited the Ethiopian museum where we were approached by this guide named Mike (Ethiopian name- Mekuanenet Abebe) who said he would show us around. I did not want a guide as both my sons have a very short attention span, being 4 and 8 years old.

I declined the offer but he kept insisting that he would not charge me a cent and would like to take us on a guided tour for free as he wanted to improve his English-speaking skills. After much persuasion, I agreed and we were taken around the museum. Knowing that possibly I would not pay him and being so patient with both my kids and carrying my younger one on his shoulders, when he was tired, only made me realise that this man had determination!

When we finished the tour, I then decided to pay him something and he refused to accept any money from me and said it was only his pleasure in showing us around, and the more he guides for free, the more experience he would get!

Mike did not know my background in terms of me being from the tourism industry, and the Owner and Managing Director of `mirchee’.

I then asked him what were his dreams and aspirations and where does he want to go with his career, and he then mentioned that he would like to learn `German’, to be able to guide and escort German tourists.

That’s when I handed him my business card and asked him to contact me when I was back in South Africa, after my holiday.

He did contact me, and we at `mirchee’ have decided to sponsor his course at the German School in Addis Ababa. We will monitor his progress on a regular basis and we wish Mike all the best!

What inspires me about Mike and people like Mike, is the absolute humility, determination and drive to do their best, irrespective, if there is any reward or payback!

For me personally, this determines the success of a person!

mirchee-definitely different!

(email from Mike)

“Dear my Cindy

How are you doing with your families? I am very fine and thanks to you I am studying hard.

I am very happy that you will help me in other ways for my success.

I have sent you the photos with my class meets.

God be with you and blessing

Big son Love

Your sincerely boy Mike”