SUN CITY (North West Province)

Far enough from the nearest South African major cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria to qualify as a real getaway, but close enough to make transport to and from their city-centres effortless, the enthralling and iconic Sun City complex (also known as the “Las Vegas of South Africa”?) is the ultimate all-in-one entertainment destination.
And in the valley below Sun City is the Palace at the Lost City hotel, a fantasy world conjured out of the myths and legends of Africa – all located in a lush and tropical awe-inspiring setting.

Activities run the gamut from adventure sports, safari options, world-famous golf courses, shows galore and also a wide variety of rides and games, both indoor & out, to keep even the children, & child-atheart, busy too -This is not just a hotel or an entertainment complex or even a theme park, it’s an entire experience, being more a mini-city than a park, and first time visitors will find it pleasantly bewildering.